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Thai Therapy Massage - Therapeutic Massage Therapist in Houston(713) 785-2120
  Thai Massage Therapy is proud to cover the Houston area with our quality massage therapy services. A traditional Thai massage will improve your blood circulation, relax your muscules, and relieve your aches and pains. Your body will feel revitalize from your daily activities. Our skilled Thai massage therapist treats all of our clients very professionally and supplies a massage experience you won't forget. We offer very reasonable prices that will keep you coming back for
2705 Rockyridge Drive, Houston TX, 77063
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Health Masters Clinic-Massage - Therapeutic Massage Treatments in Houston(713) 228-8499
For many years Health Masters Clinic of Massage Therapy has been recognized as the best place of Massage Therapy. It was the 1st of its kind in Houston to practice the art of healing thru massage and to be conveniently situated in the middle of downtown. A place to relax and to be healed by Certified massage therapists. Since our beginings not much has changed except the fact that we're proud to have kept our traditions with our clientelle from all over the world who seek our services because
101 Franklin Street, Houston TX, 77002
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Emery Lauten Massage And Bodywork - Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Houston(713) 521-1558
My vision is to empower people to become full Reiki practitioners so that they can share Reiki with friends and family or even start an expert Reiki practice. Reiki assists us awaken to our Oneness. It assists us become more in touch with the knowledge of the Divine, rather than only having an intellectual concept of it. Reiki feels like a glowing radiance that flows through and around us, creating feelings of peace, happiness, security and wellbeing. Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided
2440 S Boulevard, Houston TX
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Natural Health Center - Massage Center in Houston(713) 541-6866
Our foot massage is the ancient chinese traditional foot massage including Sweeping & Rubbing, Thumb Walking, Toe Rotation, Kneading, Cupping and ACUPRESSURE THERAPY! This is the basic and ultimate function of Chinese foot massage. It is believed that when a blockage of blood circulation occurs in the main nerve points, the flow of energy all through out the body is
7001 Corporate Drive Suite 131, Houston TX, 77036
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The Zen Of Beauty - Massage Therapist in Houston(480) 748-8602
Lets take the issue of wrinkles and sagging skin for example - some causes can be realted to diet, health, nutrition and life style choices. ALL of these are under your direct control. We show you how to cope with these. Nagging aches or pains? Your body is trying to tell you something is not right. Can you do something about this? YES of course you can! We show you how to aid this process. Looking older than you Feel - you may just well be. But we show you what to do to turn this around!
2635 Greenbriar Driv, Houston TX, 77098
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