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Garage Company in Alvin, TX There are several hundred companies out there who claim to be the best when it comes to garage door repair. Obviously, no one would claim to be the second best garage door repair Alvin TX. However, there is a big difference between claiming to be the best and actually being the best. When it comes right down to it, Non Stop Garage Door Repair is the best to fit your garage door needs. Why is it we are confident enough to claim this? For starters, we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can give us a call whenever you may need garage door repair services. It could be the middle of the night on Thanksgiving, and you can rest assured that we can be at your door to fix your garage door emergency as soon as possible. You will not have to worry about office hours.

We also offer competitive prices. We only really charge you for the parts and services that you will benefit from. You can very well go and shop around. Check out the competition, and you will find that no other garage door repair business in Alvin can match our quality at our price. We also have over 10 years of experience and a whole lot of satisfied customers who will tell you just how good we are. So give us a call. We promise that when you stand in front of your perfectly functioning garage door after we are gone, you will not regret choosing us.
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read moreWe provide 24-hour service. Skilled technicians will arrive the same day fully equipped. In nearly all cases, they will be able to fix the problem straight away. There will be no extra or hidden charges.

Garage door failure can be very serious. A whole panel door may suddenly fall down onto your car or anyone underneath. It is probably far better to do a visual check yourself every month. For example, check if you hear or notice something developing, like the garage door motor starting to strain. Then can call in the professionals in garage doors repair to see if there really is a problem. A modern garage door has a number of inter-related systems that all must work together properly. The mechanical systems include springs, rollers, and cables. The garage door openers are electronic and mechanical. There is the electrical power supply, weather seals, and the panels on the front of the garage door. A fault with these systems will affect the garage door.

read moreAnyone out there in need of garage door services? Garage door service providing isnt that big of a business, but almost every household in the world is in need of garage door services. This is because most people are passive when it comes to addressing the technical issues of their garage doors. Most garage doors are either outdated or heavily damaged. There are some cases where extensive repairs can do the job. But most of the time, people are in need of garage door installation services. If youre looking for the best garage door service provider and spending hours surfing the internet, then dont bother; Garage Door Repair Alvin is here. We have been active providing the best garage door services to the people of Alvin for more than ten years now. So look no further and give us a call.

read moreIt is advisable to clean the outside of your garage door once a year. All you need to do is wash it with a sponge and clean the surface. Then rinse thoroughly with water. If your garage door is made of wood, wipe it with dry cloth, and repaint it. Check the status of your door. Now, you are ready to clean its internal part. Use a broom to brush off the dusts. Next, inspect all torsion springs if they needs some replacements. Usually it is good to check this every three months. Make a checklist of what you will look at: hinges conditions, rollers, cables and tracks. See to it that all bolts are tightened.

To finish your own Garage door maintenance service, dont forget to lubricate your garage door hinges. Use a non-silicon based formula as it is a door supplier recommendations. For alternatives, you can also use motor oil. Here is your guide on what to lubricate in your tools: for nylon rollers, lubricate the garage door bearings; for metal rollers use motor oil or non-silicon based formula.

These handy tips are good for casual checkups of your garage doors. But, if you are unsure, our company is willing to assist you and do all the maintenance checks for your garage door. You wont need to stress yourself. Give us a call and we will manage this stuff for you.


Josh C.
read moreWe were rushing out this morning when one of the springs broke. You can probably imagine our reaction. I couldnt leave the garage broken like that, so I decided to skip work and look for a company that offers same-day service. I did a quick Google search, and I came across Garage Door Repair Company and their awesome reviews. I immediately called them up to make some inquiries. The person who picked up the phone was professional, courteous, and friendly. Theyre quite honest with their pricing. The lady was able to explain all the options available to me. I was able to book their service in no time at all. They came within a few hours after I called, and they were able to repair the garage door the same day. Needless to say, I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Laura W.
read moreI have a 3-year-old garage doors that suddenly stopped working last Sunday night. So, I looked for a garage repair company the following day, and I called up Garage Door Repair Company at about 8 in the morning. I was really happy when they told me that theyd be able to send someone over by 10 am, and a technician did come before 10 a.m. He was really helpful, courteous , and informative. He knew immediately what was wrong and what need fixing. In my opinion, it was a difficult job, but he was able to do complete the task in no time at all. The rates were quite reasonable. I am very happy with the service provided. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone in need of a garage door repair service.

Chris Jensen
read moreI decided to book an appointment with Garage Door Repair Company since they seem to have the best reviews. Within half an hour of filling up the form and submitting a request, someone called me up to confirm the appointment and schedule the best time for them to come out and repair my garage.

Jonathan S.
read moreI recently moved into a new house. Unfortunately, my garage door suddenly stopped working. Since I didnt know the local companies in the area, I did a quick Google search and checked out various reviews. I decided to book an appointment with Garage Door Repair Company since they seem to have the best reviews. Within half an hour of filling up the form and submitting a request, someone called me up to confirm the appointment and schedule the best time for them to come out and repair my garage. They were willing to work with my schedule. I needed them to come out the next day, and they did. They were able to install the new rollers and opener that the garage door needed. The technician was very helpful and friendly. He answered my questions straight to the point. He didnt waste time convincing me to install things I didnt need. I am extremely happy with their service.
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