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We are on standby 24/7, even on holidays, to respond to any emergency that you might encounter. We will respond immediately, and fix your problem with a minimum of fuss.

We will come out and give you a FREE, comprehensive and detailed quote, if, for instance, you are planning to add an extension to your home, or maybe an upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you need a commercial electrical contractor or need help with domestic electrical work, we are the trusted contractors chosen by many who need an electrician in Houston TX.
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  • Website: electricianhouston.net
  • Servicing residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
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2200 N Loop W Fwy, #455
Houston, TX
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(713) 688-4529
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You should know that it just isnít practical and safe to perform a do-it-yourself repair when you encounter electrical issues at home, even if you think itís very simple or easy to deal with. If you are very much troubled by defective circuitries around your house, then thereís no reason to hesitate in asking help from certified Houston electricians that can surely help you fix any electrical problem, in no time. If you choose to bear with these defects much longer, then you will have trouble getting on with your daily domestic tasks, causing a couple of inconveniences not just on yourself, but on all members of the household as well.

We have a team of well-trained electrical specialists who can take care of your commercial placeís circuitries and inspect every electrical issue that may be causing trouble to your day-to-day operations. These professionals are equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques needed for top-quality electrical repair, maintenance, and installation. As a trusted electrical solutions provider with years of proven track record in the industry, we take pride in the excellence and ethics all of our savvy electricians bring into the work area. You are then assured of not only hard-working and quality workers, but of well-principled professionals too. With an efficient and dependable electrical system, you can work and focus so much better knowing that your business processes are in full swing, uninterrupted by troubling electrical problems.

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(713) 688-4529
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